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Scroll through the testimonials below to see a few of the comments I have received. And of course you can always check out TripAdvisor for more.


"My thanks again for the delightful day you shared with Phil and me.  The tour, instruction, stories and good laughs will remain wonderful memories - and I'll have the pictures to tickle the gray cells!   Many thanks and safe travels to you and yours!"
-Kristi, USA 

"Hey Judy thanks so much for the wonderful photo tour.  Definitely one of the highlights of our trip."
-Bruce and Ronda, USA

"Thank you again for the two wonderful photo sessions.  I have only positive comments!  You were informative, interesting, and your enthusiasm for photography is certainly contagious.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have both a better knowledge of my camera and a deeper appreciation for the art and technique of photography. I will keep practicing!"
-K. Bell, Canada

"The best tour I've ever been on!"
-D. Newsholme, USA

"Thank you for creating the best day of our trip so far!!!  Mick and I had an awesome day with you. Thank you so much for the photo tips. Thanks again and we hope to book another photo day when we return :-)"
-Shannan and Mick

Before Olaf, I was just a point and shoot photographer and I thought I was good!”
He taught me how to use my camera to create so many beautiful effects with lighting and angles. My colleague and I had booked for three hours but he took us walking and driving the length of the island to find a glorious isolated spots, extending our time to catch the sunset. We back tracked to get a particularly beautiful view of a settlement swathed in lengthening shadows as sunset drew near.

- L.Kamanu - Turkey

"My girlfriend and I are avid amateur photographers (intermediate skill-level) and took a photography tour early on during our holiday, which turned out to be a great decision. Our host, Olaf (professional photographer), not only taught us new photography skills, but gave us some superb information about some amazing areas where few tourist tend to go.
- T. Naher & A. Horseman, Netherlands

"I am a keen amateur photographer and Olaf's knowledge and technical ability on photography was first class. My wife and I had such an enjoyable day with Olaf and a four hour tour extended into 5 hours and nothing was too much trouble for him. I learnt so much that I used the skills he taught me on the rest of my holiday and now I have much better pictures."
- R. Dallavalle, Wales

" was an excellent tour with outstanding photo opportunities."
-J. Scobbie, Canada

“Again thank you so much for sharing with me. you opened my eyes to better photography. My husband was totally impressed with my improvement.” 
-L. Westenberg, USA.

-“Wow do my pictures look amazing. No-one believes I took them! With your help my photos are better than I imagined!” 
S. Rutley, New Zealand

"In this photo-tour you will get to understand the basics of photography, learn to compose nice shots, and become more creative with your camera. Wandering around the alleys of Oia was a pleasure, it was a very relaxing and creative afternoon. Olaf has the patience of a saint, he was kind enough to answer all our persistent questions and show us in action what we asked in theory. It definitely was worth the cost and time!!!"
-G. Nomikou & M. Denaxa, Greece

"Thanks again for a wonderful informative tour."
-M. Nelson, UK